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Product Care

Product Care
(keep your Laundromat stuff looking great)

Every 100% wool Laundromat product is a handcrafted original.  Please consider slight variations in colour, design or size as part of the appeal of our unique products.

Can I wash my wool sweater in the washing machine?  What about on the delicate woolens setting with cold water?
Please do not wash your sweater in the washing machine.  We recommend drycleaning your sweater once or twice per season.  If your sweater has picked up some airborne odours simply hang it outside on a cool night to air it out.

Drycleaning is hard on the environment; is there no other way to clean my sweater?
You can hand wash your sweater in cold water with a mild soap.  The best way to wring out the water is to lay your sweater on a big towel, roll both the sweater and the towel up and then gently twist.  This way your sweater will keep its original shape.

My sweater is pilling, what can I do?
Your sweater will pill (form little fuzzy lint balls), especially in friction areas (i.e. under the arms).  You can use either a fabric shaver, or a straight razor to shave your sweater.  Please be extremely careful, our guarantee does not cover cut or pulled yarn.