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Answering Tough Questions

Posted on September 3, 2014 by admin There have been 0 comments

Chloé and Sabitri

Last spring my 8 year old daughter asked me why I travel to Nepal every year. It was a question I could not easily answer. I wanted to capture the essence of Laundromat in words simple enough for a child to understand. Our creation process was easy enough to describe:

 “You’ve seen how we start by drawing different designs with crayons and paper. Mixing and matching colours, patterns, textures and buttons is a lot of fun.”

 Describing my 20 year long relationship with the Tibetan family that oversees our production was easier still: “I work with good friends in Nepal”. But how do you explain the concept of Fair Trade without shattering the innocence of a child? Shouldn’t everyone have a fair salary, safe working conditions, and be able to keep their traditions and values? The short answer is yes, but we all know that the world economy dictates otherwise. Explaining the dangers of mass production and the pursuit of the “lowest price” at all costs,

 As I started telling my daughter about the sustainability of our wool

products and the extra care we take to protect the planet, I surprised myself by saying:

       “Why don’t you come to Nepal with me and I’ll show you?”

      “Really Daddy? I would love to go!”

 My daughter may not have understood all that we do at Laundromat, but she came back with a head full of stories and a picture album full of mountains, temples and smiles. We aim to share these same experiences and images with our customers. Perhaps this explains why our knitwear is loved for much more than its comfort and style.

 The world according to an 8 year old is simple: Paper, crayons, friends, love, community and warmth = beautiful sweaters.

 We like to keep our business the same. Simple.

Francis Dubé CEO



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